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About Illume Innate

We are an affiliate of the Modern Mystery School in the lineage of King Salomon.

Illume is a verb which means to light up. 

Innate refers to the inborn intelligence of the body:

the inherent recuperative powers that allow the body to heal through accessing our divine potential and our connection to God. 

Our Mission is

To Bring Light to the Divinity Within


Dr. Genie Markwell is a Certified Healer, Teacher and Guide trained in the modalities and teachings of the Modern Mystery School. With over 20 years as a Chiropractor and 30+ years studying the mystic and the occult, she balances modern vitalistic science with ancient lineage healing modalities to illume innate. 


Christopher Bartella is a Jikiden Reiki Practitioner,  Certified Life Activation Practitioner and Crystal Healer and also offers Thai Yoga Massage. He has spent many years dedicated to guiding people toward their version of a better life through coaching, nutrition & health management and upgrading their environment with his work in Real Estate. He utilizes the beautiful energy in these ancient modalities to help others ease the stresses of modern day life physically and energetically.


Cathelina Salas is a Certified Life Activation Practitioner, Healer and Ensofic Ray Practitioner within the Mystery School. She has a passion for creation and magick making and with that offers custom teas, candles and self care creations.

She works as an affiliate with Illume Innate through Ignite the Catalyst.  


Connie Snider has been a lover of the light for many years and has been traveling the world seeking ways to share the light with those she encounters through her work as a flight attendant. She has also been a corporate coach and international instructor and her leadership style is one of clarity and support. Her energy is bold yet soft and her wisdom and experience brings joy and healing to people of all ages. 


Helena Markwell is a Certified Life Activation Practitioner & Crystal Healer with the Modern Mystery School. She is a lover of plants, animals, the outdoors and creating beautiful spaces.  Bringing a fresh perspective to the great work, Helena is blazing a path for her generation to embrace their unique gifts and to bring light to life in new ways. 


Kianga Ford is a Certified Life Activation Practitioner & Crystal Healer that has traveled the world and gained unique perspective in relationships, business and the art of energetic balance. She moved to Washington recently and is now sharing her gifts within our community. 


Michelle Griffith is a Certified Life Activation Practitioner and mom to six boys. She has traveled the world while homeschooling her kids and lives and loves to the fullest. She has a passion for family, good food, travel and connection. 


The Modern Mystery School

By definition, a Mystery School is a group of initiates who have dedicated themselves to preserving, protecting and perpetuating the mystery teachings.
The Modern Mystery School is in Ontario, Canada and serves over 55 countries around the world. This international organization shares tools and teachings through the 3,000 year old unbroken lineage of King Salomon the Wise. 
The Mission of the Modern Mystery School is World Peace!


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