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24 hour Reset - a weekend intensive for body, mind & spirit

In 24 hours, you will learn, experience and receive tools and resources to completely transform your body, mind and spirit. 

Stress affects us all in different ways

In our busy lives and schedules, it can be hard to overcome, reset and find balance. 

This weekend was designed with that in mind to accommodate and facilitate change from the inside out by harnessing vitalistic science and ancient healing modalities.

Genie & Chris have opened their home and gathered a team to guide you through the process of experiencing a new level of health and well being. 

This weekend includes: Body Work, Energy Work, Healthy food, Movement & Mindfulness Practices, Education and Empowerment

Implementation plans, Aftercare & Follow up Resources will be provided

Register Now:

*Jan 10 - 12 

*Mar 20- 22

20 - 24 Adjustments

1 Life Activation Session &  after care Drops

Neuro & Biomechanical Testing

Nutrition Response Testing

Thai Yoga Massage

Community Acupuncture

Jikiden Reiki

Daily Meditation

Chi Do- Balance & Breath work

Fresh Made Juices

2 Lunches, 3 Dinner & snacks

Experiential Education

Members only site access!


Payment Plans Available

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