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July 2023

July 13TH: Evoke Clarity; Max Meditation System™ 7PM @Evoke Boulder

July 24TH: Evoke Intuition; Spiritual Intuition Evening

Developing the Psychic Senses 6 - 9PM @Evoke Boulder

July 29TH: Sacred Geometry 1; the 3 Keys to Heaven 1 - 5PM @ Pier View Chiropractic, Normandy Park

July 29TH: Astral Travel 5:30 - 9:30 @ Pier View Chiropractic, Normandy Park, WA

July 30TH: Journies of the Spirit 11 AM- 6 PM @ Pier View Chiropractic, Normandy Park, WA

AUG 2023

Aug 1ST: 12 Races of Earth 5:30 - 9:30 PM @Pier View Chiropractic, Normandy Park, WA 

Aug 4TH: Magick Fair - a sampling of healing sessions, readings, art and magick 4:30 - 9:30 PM @Evoke Boulder

Aug 5TH: Creative Vortex; A full day of experiential Workshops, Open Mic Night and Ecstatic Dance @ Evoke Boulder

Aug 6TH: Chi & tea; a movement meditation followed by a grounding tea ceremony 10 AM @ Evoke Boulder

Aug 19TH: Sacred Geometry & Astral Travel with Seth Pearson @ Evoke Boulder

Aug 20TH: Journies of the Spirit 11 AM - 6 PM @ Evoke Boulder 

Aug 29TH: Passion & Purpose; Max Meditation System™ 7 PM @ Pier View Chiropractc, Normandy Park, WA 



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