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The Modern Mystery School

Of the 13 original Mystery Schools in the world, only 7 remain and only one true lineage school is open to the public, the rest are only entered by invitation. The current open mystery school is right here in North America and has been sharing these 3,000 year old teachings and tools since 1997. The Modern Mystery School, founded by Gudni Gudnason, has been training practitioners around the world and is now serving in many countries spreading light and love.


In walking the path with the Modern Mystery School, our international family of Light Workers have the opportunity to meet multiple times per year to delve deeper into the Advanced Spiritual Training in areas such as Alchemy, Hermetics, Shamanism, Wiccan Traditions and Ceremonies, Egyptian Magick, Enochian Magick, Magickal/Elemental  Beings, Sacred Geometry, Astral Travel and how to live life more effectively through the expression of your divinity.


To start on this path:

Step 1: The Life Activation  Step 2: Empower Thyself class & Initiation Step 3: Healer’s Academy












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Founder Gudni GED Gudnason

Spiritual Leader, Kabbalist, Artist, Musician, Poet, Businessman

Father & Husband


Founder Gudni opened the doors to the Modern Mystery School in 1997 and has been teaching and guiding others along the path of progression ever since. As an Ipsissimus, Ritual Master in the Lineage of King Salomon, a Kabbalist, Egyptian High Priest, a Viking Shaman, a Celtic Medicine Man, a Reiki Master,  a channel for the Galactic Federation, a Martial Arts Master and more, he lives life out loud, leading by example that we have a capacity and energies available to us to create massive impact in our own lives as well as in the world. His commitment is to bring world peace and he has dedicated his life to this great work. Through his vision and dedication, these teachings now span across many different countries with thousands of initiates, healers, teachers, guides and warriors of light who have also committed to seeing this mission and vision become a reality.

To learn more about Founder Gudni, CLICK HERE


Ipsissimus Dave THOR Lanyon


Ipsissimus Dave has been an integral part of the growth and expansion of the Modern Mystery School since 2004, helping to bring the school from 12 countries to over 55 countries. His background includes years as a martial arts student and instructor and his professional life included working in the mental health field as well as generating success through business acumen and management. The skills he brings to the school as a teacher allows him to masterfully identify and help to eliminate blockages that hold individuals back from aligning with their greatest self. 


Ipsissimus Hideto REI Nakagome


Ipsissimus Hideto brings joy  and a strong energetic presence with his leadership style and through his contributions to leadership in this lineage. He has been supporting the growth and progression of the lineage since 2000. He is dedicated to peace and connecting with the galactic energies to further our ability to achieve world peace. Ipsissimus Hideto is also leading the way and opening the doors to Ensofic Ray and Ensofic Reiki practitioner and teacher training. 



The Counsel of 12


The counsel of 12 is a group of goddesses; 6 from the eastern world and 6 from the western world. These women have come together to hold the responsibility of connecting to heal old wounds with the sacred feminine and to create a container for clarity in growth and forward motion with the lineage, the school and the mission and vision of world peace.

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