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Awakening and Opening

Updated: Nov 10, 2018

My partner brought in a beautiful bouquet from the downtown Farmer's Market. One of my favorite parts of the Market Season is the flowers. Something I love and appreciate in relationships is the thoughtfulness that comes through inspired action. I had no expectation, no thoughts about receiving flowers on this day, it was a surprise - in the way that flowers often are.

This particular bouquet was very firey with reds, oranges and yellow flares. Dahlia's come in many shapes and colors and I tend to enjoy them all. In the recent days before, I made a comment about how apparently I like playing with fire. It was in reference to making choices that I knew were risky but in the thrill of the potential, I chose anyway. I chose with my eyes wide open and by accepting responsibility for the risk involved with no attachment to the outcome. Although I boldly chose to move forward, I was tentative and guarded at my core while feeling outstretched and delicate externally. I found this particular bouquet very symbolic.

Looking at the details of this flower, I was enlivened by the tight swirls in the center. Over the days, I watched as these small, tightly wound petals slowly unfurled into the full expression of their beauty and magick. The unrolling occurs in a clockwise fashion. Forward motion, moving forward in time... I snapped this picture with my cell phone and was pleasantly surprised by how well it captured this beauty.

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