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Hermetic Ray


10 Month Ascension Program

Ask and you shall receive... 

Kabbalah teaches you to ask the right questions. 

  • It is a vibrant living, breathing system which shares a pattern or blue print for:

    • creation and manifestation.

    • mastering the ego, the mind and the self.

    • bringing god to you and through you.

  • It awakens within us our divine potential and helps us express our unique gifts. 

  • It puts forces in motion that allow you to become more true to who you are. 

  • It is an agent for transformation that is encoded in our DNA. 

  • It allows us to live life in balance through:

    • Religion (how we do things) and Philosophy (why we do things)

    • The Mind and the Emotions

    • Boundaries with Compassion

    • Wisdom and Understanding

  • It is intended for those who seek spiritual adventure, personal and professional growth!

Spring of 2023

What Kabbalah will do for you: 

  1. Reorganize your thoughts and eliminate mind clutter, allowing you to clarify and achieve your goals with greater ease. 

  2. Quiet your mind and change your negative thought patterns into more empowering thoughts and actions.

  3. Clear out the subconscious patterns that affect you with things from the past that hold you back. 

  4. Awaken greater brain capacity and function as well as aspects of your DNA to tap into your intuition and creativity more freely. 

  5. Awaken gifts within you so that you will feel closer to your life's purpose and experience more joy in your days. 

  6. Reveal wisdom from within that can truly serve and support you so that you can create the life that you desire and deserve!

5 Key Questions: 
  1. Who am I ?

  2. What am I?

  3. Where did I come from? 

  4. Where am I going? 

  5. What is my purpose? 

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About the Teacher:

Eric Thompson is an international Kabbalah teacher, healer and part of  the Modern Mystery School International leadership.


Over the last 11 years, has brought powerful transformational teachings to thousands of people in Brazil, Canada, the United States.


He helps you to unlock keys to knowing yourself so that you can eliminate

what is blocking you from your desires and becoming your true self. 


One of his best strengths is in making esoteric teachings very practical, easy to understand and highly applicable in the physical world. 


Helping you get results is his top priority. 

Please direct any questions about the program, schedule, location and payments to

Kabbalah 1

Date TBD


Introduction to Kabbalah:  The structure of the Tree of Life, the mystical process, the gifts, setting goals and setting the pattern in motion! 

*Ascension into Malkuth

Kabbalah 2

Date TBD

heart of light.jpg

Applying knowledge through experiencing the pattern, anchoring the aspects into reality, reflecting and progressing. 

*Ascension into Yesod, Hod, Netzach and Tiphareth

Kabbalah 3 

Date TBD


Here, we will face our fears and recognize our strengths. This can be the most challenging part of the tree and continuing forward brings great rewards. It is here that we find out true power. 

*Ascension into Geburah and Chessed

Kabbalah 4

Date TBD


The final retreat weekend - crossing the abyss into the supernal triad, the most holy aspect of the Tree of Life. An opportunity to meet God face to face. 

This weekend solidifies the complete pattern into your being so that you may take this vibration, energy and light into your life to create massive impact, if you so choose. 

*Ascension into Binah, Chokmah and Kether

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Qabalistic TOL.jpg


Life Activation Session 

Empower Thyself Class & Initiation


* Empower Thyself Initiates: $3600 (4 payments of $900 OR 10 monthly payments of $315 (with the $450 deposit)
* Certified Professional Life Activation Practitioners: $2800 (4 payments of $700 spread over ~ 10 months OR 10 payments of $235)


(Audits are students who have completed at least one full Kabbalah Ascension Program with a Certified Modern Mystery School Kabbalah Instructor)

* EmpowerThyself Initiates: $1800 (4 payments of $450) 
* Certified Professional Life Activation Practitioners: $1400 (4 payments of $350)

**to receive Certified LAP pricing as a new student or an audit, one must be certified at the time of each class**

DEPOSITS: please send your deposit through Venmo @Genie-Markwell

  • A $450 deposit will hold your place 

  • deposits are non-refundable and non-transferrable

  • To pay with cash or check, please contact Genie directly (206) 856-9697 or

  • ***There is a 3% fee charged for credit card and paypal transactions***  

If you choose to pre-pay the full amount for the program, you will receive a complimentary Tree of Life Healing session ($295 value) between K1 & K2



**The final retreat will have additional fees estimated between $375 and $700 to cover food and accommodations.**

NOTE: There are 11 Monthly study groups offered in addition the series of the four mandatory ascension classes.

Your participation in these  study group evenings is strongly recommended as they provide healing and further support for your integration of the Tree. Study Groups are $30 each or $300 paid in full

Ascension Program Details
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